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Technical Data


1.- Measurements:
• Height: 50 cm.
• Width: 35 cm.
• Depth: 16 cm.
• Weight: 11 kg.

2.- Coin acceptor and counters:
• Mechanic coin acceptor. (Bill acceptor and Credit card reader can also be connected to our interface)
• It can be programmed for any currency of the world.
• It accepts 1, 2, 3 or maximum 4 coins.
• Digital counter.

3.- Languages:
• Every machine speaks 6 different languages, easily combined up to a maximum of 15 combinations (2 languages in the same time).
• 50 available languages (Spanish, Catalan, English, French, German, Italian, Greek, Portuguese, Finish, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, etc...).

4.- Breath Alcohol Analyser Machine Design:

• Made of steel and covered with epoxy painting, it has a tubular lock and a special key made of steel, exclusively manufactured for vending machines. It may contain up to 1.500 straws and 3.000 coins guaranteeing a good autonomy.

5.- Stickers and Personalization:
• The entire Machine can be personalized by you using your logo, your marketing sticker and your company information.

6.- Electronic components:
• 3 big bright displays “0.00” (4 x 2 cm.) with different colours according to results (3 colours: red, green and orange).
• 4 graphic screens that help you during the test, (in case of high music you can’t listen the voice messages), then you can make the test just only following the graphic instructions.

7.- Systems:
• Automatic calibration system: It starts every time the machine is switched on.
• Analyser check-up system: It detects any malfunctioning of the machine.
• Cleaning system: It eliminates any prior breath samples after each test.
• Anti-condensation system: It prevents condensation from forming into the machine after each test.
• Alcohol Sensor replacement advice: It advises you when the alcohol sensor must be replaced.

8.- Breath Alcohol Tester Installation:
• Wall mounted.

9.- Test result:
• The breath alcohol Machine displays the alcohol level digitally. (0.00)
It can be displayed in 3 different units of measurement selected by the user. (Unique in the market):
1.- Breath Alcohol Concentration. (BRAC).
2.- Blood Alcohol Concentration. (BAC).
3.- American System. (BAC).

10.- How to set drink driving limit:
• Each user will be able to modify manually the limit setting (by means of + or - buttons) depending on the country where it’s used. (Unique in the market).
11.- Guarantee:
• All our products have 5 years guarantee.